How To Solve The Pandemic Burnout

How To Solve The Pandemic Burnout

When COVID-19 prompted us to shift our routines and change our daily habits, we all found it burdensome to maintain a healthy work-from-home setup, let alone give ample time for ourselves to breathe. The privilege of recovering from mental fatigue was replaced with continuous burnout, resulting in decreased productivity and less drive for everyone (including us!). The good news is, regaining your momentum at work shouldn’t be as difficult as it sounds with the help of techniques that could change your lifestyle.

Here, some tips to help you solve the pandemic burnout.

Take short, frequent breaks from work. Working from home doesn’t mean staying glued to your workstation from morning to sundown. Walk, play with your dog, or take a sip of coffee by the patio every now and then. Taking short breaks of twenty minutes every two hours will not only rest your mind temporarily, but will also increase your productivity in the long run. On the contrary, spending long, uninterrupted hours in front of your computer screen can lead to eyestrain, back pain, and even chronic stress.

Build a habit of stretching and deep breathing. Got no energy to do a full body workout? You’re not to blame. The drag of getting stuck at home definitely affected everyone’s discipline, so take small steps to regain your fitness by building the simple habit of stretching and breathing during different times of the day. In the morning and at night, spend ten to fifteen minutes doing breathing exercises and stretching from head to toe to loosen up the tightness in your muscles and joints.

Allocate your energy wisely. Not all tasks are created equal – and if you pour out your energy into the wrong one, you’ll end up drained and tired before you accomplish the more important ones that require more attention. Before starting your day, plot your schedule and prioritize the activities that demand more time and energy from you. Accomplish these tasks before moving on to your minor priorities to avoid exhaustion in the middle of the day.

Maintain a positive mindset. As cliché as it may seem, maintaining a positive outlook despite what’s happening around actually helps in fighting the signs of mental, emotional, and physical burnout. Lift your mood with YogaLove’s Rise Up Set, which includes our Energy Essential Oil Roller Blend with pure Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit essential oils, and our Clean+Protect® Sanitizing Spray in Energy with pure essential oils and 60% Ethyl Alcohol.


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