Mindfully Crafted for everyday living

We live in a world of fast. From dealing with day-to-day responsibilities at home to catching up with all the workload, we often get too caught up with all the stress that we forget to live. At the most basic level, stress is our body’s response to pressures from unexpected life events and this always varies from person to person with different backgrounds. Be it something new or unexpected, or a feeling that you have little control over a situation, these are just a few common features that can trigger this feeling.

Understanding stress means acknowledging the changes in your emotional and physical behaviour. You may breathe more quickly, suffer from various aches and pains or seem a little indecisive. You will quickly return to normal without any negative effect if what is stressing you is short-lived, and some people deal with a certain level of stress without any lasting effects.

If we define stress as anything that alters our stability, then good stress, in its many forms, is vital for a healthy life. Yes, you got that right. Bad stress can even turn into good stress. When managed well, it pushes us out of our comfort zones to overcome key moments in our lives. It helps us stay focused, energetic and alert especially in emergency situations.   

It’s not the stress itself that’s the problem but how we manage and respond to it. 

Mindfully crafted for everybody, Yogalove can help reduce daily stress by triggering your body’s relaxation responses through aromatherapy. Weaving in essential oils that lowers stress and anxiety giving you the confidence you need to power thru any tough day.

Mindfulness living is our mantra, creating natural everyday products that help you take time to pause, reflect and reconnect mind-body balance through modern day wellness rituals.  Anchored from our everyday products, our everyday wellness rituals elevate simple moments of the day by allowing you to experience the power of different aromas that help you mindfully transition from one moment to the next, with ease.