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Alchemist Aromatherapy Pure Candle

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Claim to fame: After a series of trial and error, mixing various elements to come up with the perfect immunity booster, YogaLove’s Alchemist Soy Candle formula was finally born and hand poured into the perfect mold. 

Fun Facts: Inspired by the art of alchemy, this handcrafted concoction contains essential oils that are beneficial for your immunity against external aggressors like stress and exhaustion. Be embraced with the antioxidant properties and calming aromas of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, and Juniper, and be ensured of instant protection benefits with every whiff of this enchanting blend.

Candle Ritual: Using a lighter or match, light up YogaLove's soy candles and wait for a few seconds to let the aroma fill your entire space. Immerse yourself in one relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of our hand-poured creation. 

What you get: One (1) 6 oz Alchemist Soy Candle