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Clean + Protect® Sanitzing Gel 250ML

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Claim to fame: Our Sanitizing Gel meets the required amount of Ethyl Alochol needed to kill germs while being very gentle on the hands. Did we say it's moisturizing, too? Guess it's a must-have! *wink*

Fun facts: Mindfully made with 60% Ethyl Alcohol that kills 99.9% germs and with Aloe Vera extracts to keep your hands smooth and moisturized, it's the perfect Sanitizing Gel for those with dry skin or for those who constantly wash their hands. Clean + Protect®

Ritual: Apply and rub gel onto hands to disinfect and protect against germs and bacteria.

This includes: YogaLove Clean + Protect® Sanitizing Gel (250ML)

Ingredients: 60% Ethyl Alcohol, Water, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin