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Feel Good Kit

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Claim to fame: Feel good all over with our Feel Good Kit. Experience a cool & calming sensation instantly with our Feel good Kit! Perfect for muscle pains, strains and migraines.

  • Our Energy Essential Oil Roll-on blend- This perfect pick-me-upper is crafted with Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit Essential Oils to lift your mood, and feel energized and invigorated.
  • While, our best-selling Cooling Cream is made with  Arnica Extracts, Menthol Extracts, Chamomile extracts, Ginseng extracts, and Argan Oil to help sooth muscle pain, swelling and soreness.

Feel Good Ritual: 

  • Energy Essential Oil Roll-on blend: Apply on the temples, behind ears, or wrists. Roll on to the palms of your hands and inhale the soothing scent.
  • YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream®: Gently massage and apply our non-greasy formula on areas with muscle pain or strain, bruising, tightness and soreness to reduce inflammation. Dab a small amount around your temples and nape for gentle cooling relief from headaches.

Our Feel Good Kit includes: One (1) 10ML Energy Essential Oil Roll-on Blend and One (1) 80ML YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream® 80ML


  • Energy Essential Oil Roll-on blend: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Pink Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, French Lavender Oil
  • Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream®: Water, Glycerin, Menthol, Chamomile extract, Arnica extract, Camphor, and Argan Oil