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Happy Hour Soy Candle

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Claim to fame: Inspired by the moments that make us smile, YogaLove’s Happy Hour Soy Candle is your new guilty pleasure, your instant serotonin boost that levels up your energy and helps regain confidence to conquer your laziest days.

Fun facts: Similar to an ice cold drink on a steamy afternoon, its invigorating aroma refuels your stamina and recharges your mind to pave way for more zing and zest throughout the day. This handcrafted product is made with the delicious, revitalizing essence of Bergamot, Pine, Lemon, Patchouli, and Basil, guaranteed to kickstart your daily agenda on a high note.

Candle Ritual: Using a lighter or match, light up YogaLove's soy candles and wait for a few seconds to let the aroma fill your entire space. Immerse yourself in one relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of our hand-poured creation. 

This includes:  One (1) 6 oz Happy Hour Soy Candle