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Set of 4 Limited Edition Candles

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Claim to fame: You're set for every mood.

Fun Facts: Meet the holy grail of aromatherapy. Be ready for every mood with this ultimate candle set that fills your space with relaxation, healing, and positivity.

Candle Ritual: Using a lighter or match, light up YogaLove's soy candles and wait for a few seconds to let the aroma fill your entire space. Immerse yourself in one relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of our hand-poured creation. 

Our set of 4 Candle includes: One (1) 5.5 oz La La Land Candle, One (1) 5.5 oz Vahalla Candle, One (1) 5.5 oz Happy Hour, One (1) 5.5 oz Alchemist Candle and one (1) limited edition gift box.