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Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream® 250ML

Claim to fame: Experiencing those tired muscles, joint soreness, and swelling? Instantly relieve them with our new and improved YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream®!


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Fun Facts

The cooling touch and the anti-inflammatory properties of our unique blend made with Arnica Extracts, Menthol Extracts, Chamomile extracts, Ginseng extracts, and Argan Oil is a guaranteed way to relieve and recover from the exhaustion of the day.

Arnica Extracts: An anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps heal muscle soreness
Chamomile Extracts: Soothing extracts to relax muscle spasms
Ginseng Root Extracts: Relaxes muscle tensions
Argan Oil: An anti-oxidant ingredient to heal muscle inflammations
Menthol Extracts: To cool down your skin and muscle post-workout Relief + Recovery

Main Essential Oils


For quick relief against muscle pain, bruising, soreness, and inflammation, gently apply the YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream® and massage the affected area. For headaches, dab a small amount around your temples and nape for a gentle, cooling sensation. Rub the product onto your palms and inhale the soothing scent to relax and eliminate muscle tension.

What you get

One (1) 250 ml Relief & Recovery Cooling Cream®