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Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream® 250 mL

Claim to fame: Experiencing those tired muscles, joint soreness, and swelling? Instantly relieve them with our new and improved YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream®!


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Fun Facts

The cooling touch and the anti-inflammatory properties of our unique blend made with Arnica Extracts, Menthol Extracts, Chamomile extracts, Ginseng extracts, and Argan Oil is a guaranteed way to relieve and recover from the exhaustion of the day.

Arnica Extracts: An anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps heal muscle soreness
Chamomile Extracts: Soothing extracts to relax muscle spasms
Ginseng Root Extracts: Relaxes muscle tensions
Argan Oil: An anti-oxidant ingredient to heal muscle inflammations
Menthol Extracts: To cool down your skin and muscle post-workout Relief + Recovery


Menthol, Camphor, Chamomile Extracts, Arnica Extracts, Argan Oil and High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils

Main Essential Oils


For quick relief against muscle pain, bruising, soreness, and inflammation, gently apply the YogaLove Relief + Recovery Cooling Cream® and massage the affected area. For headaches, dab a small amount around your temples and nape for a gentle, cooling sensation. Rub the product onto your palms and inhale the soothing scent to relax and eliminate muscle tension.

What you get

One (1) 250 mL Relief & Recovery Cooling Cream®

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